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Why Hiring A Tail Lift Truck Is A Great Option?

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Benefits of Hiring A Tail Lift Truck | Drive Cool Transport

A tail lift is a machine that uses a mechanical principle to handle and lift heavy goods from one place to another for loading into a vehicle. In addition, you can use them to unload cargo.

The costs of moving house are overwhelming, plus the moving itself is stressful. It’s even worse in England, where the weather is incredibly unpredictable.

This is why so many people use box trucks to move furniture. Using Drive Cool Transport furniture trucks for moving houses is a good idea for several reasons.

Let me show you the benefits of hiring a tail lift truck.

What Does A Tail Lift Do?

Generally, a tail lift is a mechanically operated platform mounted on a vehicle and used to lift or lower loads between the vehicle’s body and the ground for loading and unloading. Loads are commonly placed on pallets to facilitate moving loads by pallet trucks.

Types of Tail Lift Truck System

Today, I’m talking about lifting not in the context of scalpel and beauty cream, but lifting and lowering cargo in the challenging everyday logistics with the help of tail lifts.

Essentially, I have two different systems available. On the one hand, the vertical tail lift, and on the other hand the truck under tail lift.

Vertical Tail Lift

The vertical tail lift is recommended for frequent loading and unloading in distribution traffic. It is operated fully hydraulically and is therefore quickly ready for use. After lowering the platform that at the same time replaces the doors, you immediately have direct access to the cargo hold.

However, while working on the ramp, the vertical tail lift has a disadvantage. First, you have to open it, and then it has to be maneuvered into the flap underneath the ramp. This is often a very tight spot and increases the risk of collision damage.

Tuck under Tail Lift

This is different regarding the Tuck under the tail lift. It finds its space behind the three-axle aggregate in the construction space and is not in the way when approaching the ramp. Thus the ideal recommendation for logistics from ramp to ramp.

But working with the Tuck under tail lift takes a little more time. First, it must be extended completely hydraulically and then usually folded out manually.

Despite the two-part platform, the Tuck under tail lift also enables a load capacity of 3000kg and thus fulfills all current requirements of today’s logistics.

Benefits of Hiring A Tail Lift Truck

Hiring a tail lift truck has many benefits. A tail lift is primarily designed for loading heavy items onto the back of a truck. About health and safety, this makes loading and unloading much easier for warehouse workers and van drivers alike.


Consider the amount of movement you need to make, as well as the distance. A tail lift truck is sufficient if you stay local and plan a few trips. If you need to move long-distance, the 7.5-tonne trucks are perfect.

Don’t forget to take into account your furniture, clothes, and toys, as well as items that you may hide in the shed, garage, or loft. With tie points on most vans or trucks, you can secure everything in place.

Save Money

It will cost some money to hire someone to help you load your furniture, in addition to purchasing a forklift truck. With tail lifts you may also be able to reduce the risk of injury and damage to your goods in addition to reducing the need for manual labor.

Thus, you will save money that would otherwise have been spent on extra help, medical expenses, and damaged goods.

Mechanized Tail Lift

While several large vans are on the market, the Luton body van’s tail lift provides a distinct advantage, making it very easy to transport heavy loads.

Tail lifts can often mean the difference between hiring a team or just a couple of removal experts versus managing the job yourself. Your goods will be easier to load into and out of the van with the tail lift, making accidents less likely.

Ideal for Loading High Height Items

It is sometimes difficult to load heavy items into tall trucks or lorries. As a result of their height, tail lifts are ideally suited for situations where the loading dock and the vehicle’s bed are of different heights.

Due to the height of the tail lifts, you can load items of any size, which eases the effort otherwise required for loading.


Packing your items is easy with a tail lift truck. You get the benefit of knowing that your items are safe and secure when you hire a van. It is possible to strap down the furniture and other objects and give them enough space to keep safe.

Additionally, you are the driver and responsible for loading, so you ensure your items are safe and secure while you drive.

Moving Supplies

When moving, the most important thing you need is moving supplies. Drive Cool Transport strives to make it easy for customers to plan their house moves.

When booking a vehicle, we can assist you if you need moving boxes, moving crates, trolleys, specialist trolleys, stair climbing trolleys, bubble wraps, blankets, or even tie-downs.

Detailed Customer Briefing

We strive to offer the best driving experience to our customers by providing them with a safe and comfortable vehicle. To achieve this, we conduct a detailed briefing during which every truck control is explained in detail, how to use the tail lift is demonstrated, and the driving instructions are clarified.

Moving Labor

I understand why you would be charged a bomb if you hire a moving company. You can control everything by moving house yourself with a bit of assistance. The tail lift truck company will work according to your instructions for four to eight hours.

Guarantee of Rental

Drive Cool Transport assures you that everything will be ready for your arrival once you have reserved a vehicle. When you pick up your vehicle, it will be cleaned, maintained, and prepared for use.

Cleaning Procedures

After every hire, our staff thoroughly cleans and sanitizes all trucks to ensure they will provide the next customer with a clean vehicle.


How much weight can a tail lift take?

A tail-lift delivery can handle a maximum weight of 1000kg. You can use tail lifts on flat ground, not on slopes. The only surface used for deliveries is hard, even ground. The road cannot be pulled over gravel, loose stones, cobbles, or grass.

Are tail lift flaps a legal requirement?

Many manufacturers of tail-lifts have developed guardrail solutions and improved the slip resistance of their surfaces. There is no legal requirement that tail lifts be included. It is the user’s responsibility to decide, based on risk assessment, whether these safety measures are required.

Final Words

It is not necessary to worry too much about getting your furniture into the truck. It doesn’t take long for your table to be loaded into a moving truck with tail lifts if you hire a moving company that has them.

Yet it is vital to ensure that lifts are in good shape to prevent items from falling due to problems such as lifts that cannot hold a certain weight.

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